Hosting Big Data

Rackspace recently introduced its new Big Data hosting options – customize your configuration for managing big data platform, run Hadoop on the public cloud, or configure your own private cloud. Rackspace eliminates the complex process of building and maintaining a big data environment to evaluate the possibilities of Hadoop and advanced analytics for a Proof of Concept / Value. Once success of concept or value is evaluated, the solution can be implemented with the right Hadoop distribution and architecture as a public or private cloud.

Managed Big Data Platform provides the flexibility to optimize the configuration – for example scale up the compute or storage independently with EMC Isilon or EMC VNX series or VMAX series (all models), reduce the operational costs, and integrate with custom solutions. EMC Isilon allows separating compute and storage resources and providing a level of redundancy and snapshotting that are not currently available in traditional bare metal hosting. Isilon can be used as a data repository or data lake, parsing out some of the data services to Hadoop. For persistent Hadoop workloads, Isilon has data locally to boost the performance. When a disaster recovery is required, Isilon provides snapshot and replication technology for maximum data protection. Here is the architecture for Rackspace Managed Big Data Platform on EMC Isilon

EMC Isilon RefArch

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