Enterprise Infrastructure for Hadoop

Hadoop sandboxes rely on commodity hardware with direct attached storage (DAS). These implementations make it difficult to scale out on storage separately as Hadoop requires three or more copies of data residing within the internal drive of a server unit. Other challenges include data replication, data visibility, lack of multi-tenancy, over use of IT resources for technology components upgrade, and many more. Commodity servers with DAS do not account the data management process.

Decoupled compute and storage via shared storage can help in scaling out and also provide equivalent better performance. Vblock based model avoids creating shadow IT and data silos, by making it easier for enterprise IT to enhance the existing environment, run advanced analytics and develop real-time insights. Vblock, the most innovative and converged infrastructure in the industry features Compute and Network technology from Cisco, Storage and Data Protection from EMC, and Server Virtualization and Virtualization Management from VMware.

Recent IDC report, organizations around the world spent over $3.3 billion on converged systems in 2012, and forecasted this spending to increase by 20% in 2013 and again in 2014. IDC calculates that Vblock Systems infrastructure resulted in a return on investment of 294% over three year period and 435% over a five year period compared to data on traditional infrastructure. Several reasons for better ROI includes simplified operations, faster deployments, improved agility, cost savings, extended services, and improve user/customer satisfaction.

Converged infrastructure model of Vblock allows the enterprises to easily develop and maintain analytics specific services, Hadoop processing, or other applications leveraging the data in one place without having to move and replicate across multiple servers and storages. Also Vblock standardizations make it possible for enterprises to reduce deployment risk and eliminate time and cost of testing across different.

For more information, download the solution brief – Transform Your Business: Big Data and Analytics with VCE and EMC

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