Handy Tricks

Some tricks from my latest trials

  1. Changing Keyboard Layout: You can download one of the prebuilt Linux VM for two reasons – either you are in a time crunch or just lazy to create your own. Whatever may be reason, and now you find strange characters coming out of your key input instead of the ne you wanted. That’s because the VM was built with a different locale. To get your own, try one of these –

# loadkeys us

      Or for permanent changes

vi /etc/sysconfig/keyboard

      and change


      Please note to change the locale you want, I want “US English” here. After saving the file, system reboot did the magic of bringing back my keys.

  1. EPEL Installation Error: I was trying to install the extra packages for enterprise Linux, with the following command

sudo yum install epel-release

      I got “Cannot retrieve metalink for repository” error. The issue is with “https”. To overcome, try this –

sudo yum upgrade ca-certificates –disablerepo=epel

      Once the certificates are upgraded, yum install of EPEL will work normally.

  1. To list redhat-lsb Cores: One of the prerequisites to install my application is red-hat lsb core. I wanted to list the available and installed redhat-lsb cores –

yum –showduplicates list redhat-lsb

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