World Satellites Exploration

UCS Satellite Database has the list of satellites orbiting earth. As of 1st of June 2017, we have 1459 satellites orbiting earth.  Country of origin indicates the country that is registered as responsible for the satellite in the UN Register of Space Objects. “NR” indicates that the satellite has never been registered with the United Nations. Operator country is the one that operates or owns the satellite. Contractor country represents the country or business entities responsible for the satellite’s construction. United States leads the race in every single category. India picking up pace with 97 satellites launched from Satish Dhawan Space Center and with construction of 44 satellites. Atlas V that launched most satellites was formerly operated by Lockheed Martin, and is now by the Lockheed Martin-Boeing. Most number of satellites are launched in the past five years and are used for commercial communications. Explore more details here.

World Satellites

World Satellites

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