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SEPTA Regional Rail OTP 2016

Exploring SEPTA Regional Rail on time performance in 2016 from the dataset here. Overall, the busy days are the weekdays rather than the weekends. It is also noted that the trains originate from south faces more delays than the north. … Continue reading

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Philadelphia Crime Story

OpenDataPhilly has the datasets of crimes in Philadelphia from 2006 to recent. Here is the exploration of crimes in Philadelphia. In general, there is downward trend in overall crime rates. There seems to be seasonal peaks and declines – for … Continue reading

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Hadoop Ecosystem – A Quick Glance

What do Pig, Kangaroo, Eagle, and Phoenix have in common? Hadoop! We got some interesting technologies with curious names in Hadoop ecosystem. Azkaban is bloody wicked. H20 and Sparkling Water compete in the same space. Rethink, Couch, Dynamo, and Gemfire … Continue reading

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Trying to pick out all my data science presentation and consolidate here.

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Handy Tricks

Some tricks from my latest trials Changing Keyboard Layout: You can download one of the prebuilt Linux VM for two reasons – either you are in a time crunch or just lazy to create your own. Whatever may be reason, … Continue reading

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Reading Text Files in R

It is pretty straight forward to read csv files in R – simply give the source of the data file that be in trial1 = read.csv(“data\\sample1.csv”) With importing text files in R, you got same default parameters to play around … Continue reading

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Decision Matrix for Big Data Tools and Technologies

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EHC Use Case – Hadoop as a Service

Hadoop can handle extremely large, unstructured data sets efficiently and at affordable cost, makes it a valuable technology for enterprises across a number of applications and fields. Market Analysis predicts that the market for Hadoop MapReduce is forecast to grow … Continue reading

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Standardizing Shadow IT

When employees face restrictions at the work environments, they could potentially turn into workarounds, hacks, quick fixes, or any backdoor entries what they find it necessary to perform their business functions effectively. These solutions are part of important source of … Continue reading

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Wedding Reception Venue thru R

After finding related facts between Jay and me that goes back to ancient times, I moved to learn geocoding and maps visualization in R. Here is how I learnt – Started with loading needed libraries: > library(ggplot2) > library(maps) > … Continue reading

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