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Thou Shall Not Covet

Both my husband and my sister are huge fans of crime stories. In those rare family vacations, they like to binge watch “ID”. Last week while I was ironing his shirts, there was this crime story on TV in which … Continue reading

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Primum Non Nocere

I want to discuss one of the lesser known study in the world. The study is named “Mushroom Trial” that was spearheaded by my loving mother and the subjects were my immediate family. As much as she loves to try … Continue reading

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Decision Matrix for Big Data Tools and Technologies

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Cruising Data Lakes at Supersonic Speeds

Traditional workloads or second platform workloads for organizations go into File Shares on NAS, HPC on SAN, or Backup/Archive workloads to tape. They typically work with SMB, NFS, or FTP protocols. Emerging workloads like Hadoop referred as third platform pushes … Continue reading

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Self-Service Data Access – Pivotal DD

Enterprise data resides in heterogeneous systems and of different data types. IT has its challenges to consolidate data in the right time. Also, many times it is difficult to know what data sources are required to access data. Pivotal DD … Continue reading

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Preping for Data Scientist Associate

I come from a content management background handling terabytes of content. Content lifecycle starts with capture/create, versioning, managing, publishing, to end with archival and retention. Content falls thru information rights, compliance, governance, and retention either at the organization level or … Continue reading

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Arrow of Time in Big Data – Understanding the Interconnectedness

Arrow of Time is a term coined by British astronomer Arthur Eddington to describe time flows inexorably in one direction or the “asymmetry” of time. We can experience this time’s arrow in our everyday lives. Certain conditions, developments, or processes … Continue reading

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