Self-Service Data Access – Pivotal DD

Enterprise data resides in heterogeneous systems and of different data types. IT has its challenges to consolidate data in the right time. Also, many times it is difficult to know what data sources are required to access data. Pivotal DD helps users to gain on-demand access to data from the heterogeneous systems. Pivotal DD helps analysts and data scientists have self-service access to discover data from any data source, provision data from multiple sources onto sandboxes in Hadoop or MPP databases. Pivotal DD includes native, high-speed adapters and resource monitoring for multiple platforms, including Pivotal HD and HAWQ, Pivotal Greenplum Database (GPDB), Apache Hadoop, IBM Netezza, Oracle and SQL Server. Also, Pivotal DD can connect with any database through JDBC, and with most distributed file systems such as NFS. Pivotal DD is installed as a middleware service on a commodity Linux cluster with the following component services:

  • Metadata and Security
  • Data Discovery and Search
  • Workflow Design
  • Resource Management

For further reading, read the technical brief here.

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