Cruising Data Lakes at Supersonic Speeds

Traditional workloads or second platform workloads for organizations go into File Shares on NAS, HPC on SAN, or Backup/Archive workloads to tape. They typically work with SMB, NFS, or FTP protocols. Emerging workloads like Hadoop referred as third platform pushes organizations to go to DAS or Mobile or Object storage. HTTP, HDFS, REST, SWIFT protocols drive third platform emerging workloads. Existing unstructured data storage architectures are limited to handle large PB scale datasets. The islands of storage silos exist and grow. This becomes a management challenge and can results in inefficient, unbalanced, underutilized storage capacity, and even storage hotspots. Administrators are left with the difficult task of managing data to compensate for these inefficiencies.

EMC Isilon core building blocks which have both these workloads include the OneFS operating system, the NAS architecture, the scale-out data lake, and enterprise-grade software features. EMC Isilon scale-out data lake stores, manages, protects, secures, and enables reporting and analytics on unstructured data for both traditional and for emerging workloads. Leveraging the scale-out data lake, organizations can consolidate multiple, disparate islands of storage into a single cohesive and unified data repository. Scale-out data lake is the key enabler for driving business value into enterprise environments through the multi-protocol, multi-access, single namespace and data repository. Without data lakes, interoperability would require an expensive and time consuming sequence of operations on data across multiple silos, or even costly and inefficient data duplication

In the latest updates made to general availability last week, EMC Isilon introduced new version of OneFS 7.1.1 and two products S210 and X410. OneFS 7.1.1 includes new SmartFlash, a flash-based cache enabling enterprises to get to their data more quickly that can scale up to one petabyte in a single cluster. This would result in 100% flash efficiency and reduced latency, for second and third platform workloads. Isilon S-Series combines unmatched IOPS performance with high efficiency and an ultra-low overhead scale-out NAS package is ideal for random access and file-based applications. New Isilon S210 ideal for high transactional workloads for industries such as media and entertainment and financial services runs up to 3.75 million IOPS per cluster and provides flexible configuration and deployment. Isilon X-Series is the most flexible and comprehensive storage product line, strikes the right balance between large-capacity and high-performance storage. Isilon X410 offers 70% increase in throughput at 33% less $/MBPS, and up to 200GBps per cluster is achievable. Its versatility easily supports Hadoop analytics; high performance computing and enterprise file applications.

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