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Cruising Data Lakes at Supersonic Speeds

Traditional workloads or second platform workloads for organizations go into File Shares on NAS, HPC on SAN, or Backup/Archive workloads to tape. They typically work with SMB, NFS, or FTP protocols. Emerging workloads like Hadoop referred as third platform pushes … Continue reading

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What can you do with EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud?

Enterprises and service providers are moving towards virtual data centers, or cloud architectures, or the new Software Defined Data Center to gain benefits in terms of agility, efficiency, and cost control. Move to these dynamic, virtualized, cloud architectures is creating … Continue reading

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Journey to the Third Platform – ECS

Recent trends in IT today that drives everything are mobile, cloud, big data, and social. Gartner calls this as “nexus of forces” that “is transforming the way people and businesses relate to technology”. These trends are really underpinning a shift … Continue reading

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